Ben Jones Demon Summoner

Welcome to my site. I'll just let you know a bit about myself. But first the disclaimer: This site is just for me and my close friends. If you find this site via a search engine or anything, do not try to email me if you don't know me. I have got hundreds of emails in the past from people asking me to summon demons on their behalf, but unfortunately I do not do that. I only summon Goetic demons with my friends as a personal journey into the occult and to basically learn about the unseen world around us. I hope you understand.

So, here's a brief background into my life. I'm first and foremost a mathematician. I work on Multi-objective optimization techniques. In my spare time, however, I dabble in the occult. I been doing this with my friends for ages and have extensive experience in using Ouija Boards and voodoo dolls.

This site is about my experience in summoning Goetic demons using the Key of Solomon. I also use variations on this knowledge which I have gathered due to my wide experience in these matters. Click on the links below to find out more about the wisdom I have learnt.

Ben 2012